Human Resources Consulting

The following services are provided:

Employee Handbooks

The employee handbook is essential during the on-boarding process and during the employee's duration of employment. The employee handbook gives an overall summary of the company's policies and procedures. The employee handbook helps to clarify matters in the workplace.

Policies and Procedures

The company's policies and procedures are vital in the workplace. Policies are written to establish guidelines for best practices. Policies should offer clear communication for all employees. Procedures should follow all policies to clarify action that should be taken should an issue or problem arise.

Job Description

Every employee should read, sign and date a job description during the initial or new employee orientation. Job descriptions give an employee a clear understanding of their job and what is expected of them.

Employee Management

Employee management is critical in the workplace. In order to have a successful business, employees should stay engaged and motivated. In order to do this, the company must provide best practices and supply the employee with information, training and other essentials they will need throughout their tenure with the company.

Management Training

Management training should be mandatory. When management fails then the rest of the company fails. Failure for your company should not be an option. Management training on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis will help your company's overall success.

Human Resource Audits

Human Resource (HR) internal audits should be conducted on a regular basis. While internal audits are essential, companies should seek an external source to conduct HR audits as well. This will help a company to remain compliant with federal and state laws and/or regulations.

Compensation Analysis

A challenging task to some employers is configuring the pay for a new employee or how much an employee should receive for a raise. It is important that you pay each employee fairly.


Investigations are necessary when a situation occurs. When there are issues or problems, an investigation should be done as soon as possible to avoid possible legal repercussions.

Employment Law

Lawyers can be expensive. We can give you general information pertaining to employment law. We will not be able to advise you on a decision pertaining to the subject matter.

Background Checks

Background checks are important and should be conducted during the selection process. Depending on how your initial background check acknowledgement form reads, random background checks are also essential  for current employees.

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